Primobolan Depot

Depot Primobolan is an injectable form of Methenolone. It is one of the mildest anabolic steroids for the body. It is a derivative of DHT but it does not have strong androgenic effects. Despite its price and the fact that it does not provide huge muscle gains, it is relatively popular. This is due to the fact that Primobolan has practically no side effects. It is ideal for beginners, women and people who are afraid of hair loss or gynecomastia.


Enhanced Strength: Primobolan, like other DHT derivatives, dramatically increases strength. This allows you to perform harder workouts and therefore makes it easier to build muscle mass.

Muscle Gain – With methenolone you won’t see a dramatic increase in muscle mass like you would with testosterone, Dianabol or other ‘wet steroids’. Primo gains weight gradually, but the weight gained is much better and maintains near 100% after the cycle.


Fat loss: Primobolan itself does not accelerate fat loss, but it is very helpful for weight loss. Retains most muscles recruited and increases strength. Being a derivative of DHT, it also helps achieve the dry, aesthetically pleasing body seen on the models.

Increased libido: Although a very small percentage of primo binds to androgen receptors, the binding strength is very strong. This leads, among other things, to an increase in libido. However, this effect is not as strong as in the case of highly androgenic steroids like trenbolone.
In some cases, methenolone can reduce sexual desire; this is because it has a mild anti-estrogenic effect. For this reason, it must be used in conjunction with steroids that convert to estrogen.

Improved Mood: Methenolone is known to improve mood. It’s not as strong as Dianabol, but it really shows. It increases self-confidence and decision-making ability, as well as the amount of energy during the days and during training.

Side effects

Methenolone is one of the safest steroids. It is very gentle on the body and practically does not cause side effects, which is why many people decide to use it even for a few months.

Also taken orally in tablet form, it does not affect the liver as much as other oral steroids (but is hepatotoxic to some degree, so high doses should not be taken for a prolonged period without medication liver protectors).

Like all steroids, it blocks the HPTA axis, which is why PCT is needed after completing a cycle.

Рrimobolan for women

Рrimobolan for women

Women can use methenolone even for several weeks without any side effects. Although it is a weak androgenic substance, it should not be used in excessive doses. The optimal dose for the first cycle for women is 50 mg/day.

The maximum dose that a woman can use for a longer period without fear of side effects is 100 mg/day.

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