Anadrol - Oxymetholone

Anadrol – Oxymetholone is a synthetic androgen, oral anabolic steroid. It was developed by a Mexican pharmaceutical company in the middle of the last century. Currently, the drug is widely used by athletes for muscle growth. You can buy oxymetholone in our Strong-Muscle online store. Let us consider in more detail what the features of the drug are.

About the drug: history, benefits of oxymetholone.

Oxy was originally used to treat osteoporosis and anemia. To people with weakened bodies who eat poorly, it was prescribed to stimulate muscle growth. Since highly effective nonsteroidal drugs for treating anemia and osteoporosis were developed in the 1990s, the popularity of anabolic steroids has declined. But over time, studies were conducted that tested its effectiveness against HIV-infected patients, allowing oxymetholone to remain in medicine.


Among the main advantages of the drug, as a steroid, there is a quick effect. On average, an athlete gains between 2 and 7 kg of muscle mass in 1 or 2 weeks. Before the competition, during the cut, most bodybuilders take it to look more attractive. Common effects include:

  • removal of subcutaneous fat;
  • increase in muscle volume;
  • Increased appetite;
  • vein appearance

Another advantage is the affordable price of oxymetholone.

Administration scheme and combination with other steroids.

The drug is produced in the form of tablets (one contains 50 mg of the active substance). The diet is set individually depending on age, weight and the desired effect. On average, the dose is 100-150 mg per day (divided into two doses). If you use more than 250 mg, less water is collected, so the agent acts as a powerful fat burner.

Oxymethalone is used when working on strength and mass, it does not interact strongly with the androgen receptor. For this reason, the combination with highly androgenic drugs, especially with testosterone, is quite effective (this is confirmed by numerous reviews of athletes).

Possible side effects of oxymetholone


With prolonged and uncontrolled consumption, some people experience side effects. General characteristics for both men and women include:

  • feeling of nausea and vomiting;
  • sleep disturbances (insomnia);
  • deviations in the functioning of the digestive system;
  • headache;
  • increased excitability.

In men, there is swelling of the chest, in women – masculinization (increased hair growth, change in the timbre of the voice). Most side effects disappear immediately after the end of the intake (otherwise you need to seek help from a specialist). Since the drug is hepatotoxic, its long-term use can lead to the development of serious pathologies, including hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.

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