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Current Commercial activities and decisions are flashing the International business, running in business news globally

– Facebook is growing rapidly in India even after tightening the restrictions went triple in the first five six months.

– European right – wing parliamentary group launches a summit with Islamists in Tunisia and they rejected the neocolonial accusation.

– Turkey is looking forward to host the very first time G20 Leader’s Summit that is going to be held in its city Antalya at November 15 – 16 2015.

– Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi came for seeking business with the UK at his awaited tour of Britain that is on the floor.

– A French multinational Alstom SA has fined with huge penalty for USD 772 million by US, Alstom recently signed a big deal with Indian Railway to supply around 800 rail engines.

– Palladium funds are at their lowest since April 2014 that’s why the holdings of platinum exchange trade funds are now at a lower holding at two years.

– Iraq oil is now the second largest seller of crud has overtaken Saudi Arabia among the largest sellers of crude oil.

Amazon Takes in on UK Shops with dispatch of Pantry Administration

Amazon has been known for its online business especially in electronics and household items. Recently, it sloped the desire to get into the UK staple business sector with the dispatch of a 24 hour conveyance administration that sells by the crate.

The US online merchant is dispatching its Pantry administration, which is as of now accessible in America and parts of Asia such Japan, to individuals from its membership based Prime plan, which propelled in Britain early 2007.

Prime individuals will have the capacity to top a box of Pantry with off to 20kg of staple goods from a rundown of 4,000 goods including sustenance and beverage, family unit supplies, pet consideration and health issues and excellence items. Conveyance of initial box costs less than £3 with more boxes charged at 100p.

The most recent progress gets nearer after Amazon started testing interest for a full basic need conveyance administration in September by including a scope of around 60 chilled and solidified sustenance goods to its Principal that is currently one-hour conveyance administration, which works in few UK cities. It is relied upon to move into different urban areas in coming months.

The Looming Decline Spending By Consumers In Retail Business Is A Thing To Watch Keenly

When it comes to business, you will notice that there has been insignificant change in retail sales in the month of October prior to what had been anticipated. What could be the reason behind this? Actually, the economists state that this has been contributed by reduced spending by the consumers, especially in the automobile sector which has recorded a decline in purchase. You will note that according to Commerce Department, there has been a margin increase of only 0.1% in the retail sales contrary to the projected 0.3%.

When it comes to production, you will notice that there has been reduction in the cost of services which has in turn reduced the cost of goods being produced. Apparently, the looming mild inflation that is being witness will ultimately cause the Federation reserve to increase the interest rates in order to curb this effect. This would ensure that the business in the retail sector is not affected severely.

According to a recent research, you will discover that some industries, (especially those dealing in oil and gas operations) have been affected by low sales. Here are some of them:

1. The service stations recorded a decline in sales by about 0.9%. The major contributory factor has been due to decline in the prices of gasoline that has been evidenced around the world.

2. Furthermore, you will notice that in the auto dealership sector, the sales reduced by 0.5%. If you can clearly remember, the automakers had made 1.4% rise in the month of October. What then could be the cause of that sharp decline? Actually, their business could have been affected when they opted to offer great discounts to their customers.

Interestingly, on the other hand, the retail services which are more basic recorded an increase of consistent increase of 0.2% in October. It had also recorded a slight increase in the month of September (about 0.1%).

In relation to business, you will understand that consumers have opted to spend on cheap gasoline offered in the market. Meanwhile, the extra dollars saved can be used to meet other needs such as rent which is ever increasing over time.

Starbucks Gets into Controversy About its Annual Christmas Cups

Of late, Starbucks has been in news for wrong reasons. Facebook and twitter users have been criticizing the annual Christmas cup that the company launched this year. Usually, the cup includes images that are associated with Christmas such as snow flakes, Santa, Christmas tree, Christmas decoration, reindeer, etc. heralding the arrival of festive season. But this year’s Starbucks Chistmas cup was much too plain to be identified as Christmas cup at all. This led to evangelist Joshua Feurstein and a few others criticizing the cup as offensive to Christians. Many Starbucks customers expressed solidarity with this view by pressing likes on Twitter as well as facebook posts criticizing the red cup. Religious leaders wanted Christians to be patrons of only those companies that used the images associated with Christmas.

Starbucks explained that the cups were created with only Starbucks logo on the red background to enable the customers to fill the blank cup with whatever they felt, possibly about this year’s Christmas. But few believed this to be true.

The matter took a more serious turn when Donald Trump, the Republican candidate endorsed the view of religious leaders. Stephen Colbert did not spare Starbucks either, though he also hinted at a solution. After all, Starbucks does have some more time to introduce another red cup with one or many symbols of the religion.

Starbucks is an International company with a large market share even in countries that are not predominantly Christian or Catholic. The followers of religious leaders felt that the company is trying to to portray itself as secular company from now.

But the company started the system only in 1997! Moreover, it did come across some criticism for using religion for earning profits. Effectively, the American coffee giant was doomed if it chose to include those images and doomed if it didn’t.

From an outsider’s perspective, the matter is without much substance. In fact, many regular customers did not notice the difference and refused to toe the line suggested by leaders from the religion. They also began a counter campaign but could not muster enough strength.

The controversy translates into lower profits for Starbucks this festive season. The company’s competitors have promptly utilized the opportunity to attract the customers. Whether the loss will be temporary or permanent remains to be seen. But if Starbucks could come up with another red cup, the matter would die a natural death and Feurstein et al., would not be able to say that the company is against “Christ and Christians”.